Many people feel stressed and dissatisfied with their lives.
We teach tools from Cognitive Science, Mindfulness, and Behavioral Design so you can get a sense of control, reduce your stress, and create the life you want.

We think everybody has the right to know how their brain works
and to use that knowledge to create a fulfilling life for themselves. 


Science is learning all kinds of things about how humans respond to their environments. We can help you to re-vamp your life using techniques from Applied Cognitive Science, Behavioral Psychology, and Contemplative Science.

Mindfulness based stress reduction (mbsr)

 Reduce the Stress in your life. Take an eight-week course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, as formulated by
Jon Kabat-Zinn and the University of Massachussets Medical School.


 Change your relationship with eating. Enjoy food more while eating less.
Regain control.

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